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Hello, recently i purchased a 2012 dodge avenger from hebert town and country chrysler in shreveport, la.My purchased date was march 6, 2012 i did not receive my vehicle until march 16, 2012.

I have had problems every since. The milage on the vehicle was 12miles so yes this is a brand new car. The first complaint i had, the transmission shifts gears, my rpm goes up to 4-5rpm just to pick up the appropriate speed (which is still an ongoing problem). I took it back to the dealership only to be told that there are new transmissions in these particular vehicles and this is "normal" and that the VEHICLE MUST GET USE TO ME...I'm sorry but never have i nor anyone else heard of a machine getting use to a human being.

Next problem, the gas milage is horriable, i drive a total 40 miles going and coming from home to work monday - friday i will fill up my tank monday and by thursday morning it is time to refill. Problem # 3, a month after purchase my brakes were going out and it was almost cutting into my drums. I took it back the 1st time and a few days later the problem started again, so i had to *** work and take my car back to hebert for my brakes they say they changed the brake pads on this brand new car, now 2 months later my brakes are squealing again. Problem #4 now i have an electical problem.

My passanger window will come down on the passanger side, but sometimes not come back up, i have to use the drivers side to let the window up. I am afraid that my car will catch on fire. I contacted Dodge.com and i was placed with a represnetative name Harry (ext 4718159), he emailed me a response 09/19/2012 after several attempts i was never able to get back in touch with him. I called back to speak with a regular rep only to be told that i had a new rep name erica (ext 4718147) once i spoke to her she tells me that she was never my representative, but that she was just answering the phone for Harry and that i have another case worker...before she transferred me i asked her why am i getting the run around, but she could not give me an answer to this question.

My 3rd rep is jeff (ext 4718270). I finally spoke to him Wednesday Sept 26th @ 12:20pm explained to him my problems, he stated that I should not be going through this and that he was going to call hebert to speak to them about this situation and that the latest i would receive a call from him would be thursday Sept 27, today is Saturday Sept 29, 2012 @ 12:09pm and i have yet to hear from Jeff. At least he could have done was call me back and let me know my status. I am getting the ultimate run around and it is not fair.

I am spending over $20,000 on a vehicle that is not worthy. The purpose of me buying a car from you guys was to have reliable transportation which did not require repairs pending. I am in fear everytime i get in my car. If I had any idea that i would be going through any of this, I would have taken my business elsewhere.

I do not want this lemon. I do not want this car. My contact number is 318-272-1416 or 318-751-6169 if i am unable to answer, please leave a message. My email address kanderson2004@yahoo.com.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response to my situation.Kharis Anderson

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